About Us


We are focused on providing health care and industrial establishments the best possible quality of our infection and contamination barrier products.

Our professional team is dedicated to delivering the utmost quality products at the best price.

Continuous improvement and our flexibility in providing customized solutions tailored to our customers is the essence of what we are.

Our Philosophy

At TechnoLatex, we are dedicated to a very simple yet effective chart :

  • Extensive quality check-points, process norms, and management practices at the highest level
  • Ingredients and intrants of the utmost quality to ensure the highest possible quality (along with tracability and systematic authentification)
  • Impeccable finished products with stringent control measures and practices to foolproof product deficiency.

This is our chart of values and we will remain true to its guideline towards our customers. Our motto is clear and we will be inflexible. We aim to be the reference in medical consumables in Tunisia and North Africa and our experienced and dedicated team of engineers are working towards that.
Our vision is yours. Your success is ours. Join us.